Projects from national research programmes

Project no. PBS3/B9/32/2015 entitled "Autonomous field robot for sowing and cultivating wide-ranging crops".

Project no. PBS3/A8/34/2015 entitled “The functional model of an automated device with a visual system for scarification and vitality assessment of acorns on the basis of automatic recognition of the topography of mummification changes”.

Project no. PBS3/B6/32/2015 entitled “Universal vacuum apparatus with the function of aroma recovery”.

Project nr PBS2/B8/11/2013 entitled “Autonomous transportation technology of biomass from protected wetlands”.

Project no. PBS2/A8/26/2014 entitled "Development of a new technology and functional model of a machine for recultivation fields after cultivation of energy willow".

Project no. PBS3/A6/26/2015 entitled “Developing an innovative aftertreatment system for particulate emission reduction for off-road vehicles using flow turbulization and nanometric catalytic materials”.

Project no. INNOTECH-K3/IN3/26/227461/NCBR/14 entitled “Development of a multifunctional sterilization device”

Project no. WND-DEM-1-145/00 entitled “Specialized vehicles line for renovation/protection treatments in water and mud environment”.

Project no. INNOTECH-K3/IN3/23/227418/NCBR/14 entitled “A new generation pickling machine with control and diagnostic system that uses internet to transmit data”

Project no. PBS1/B8/4/2012 entitled “Low-cost and environment-friendly system of fertilizing and sowing of maize” (AZOMAIS).

Project no. INNOTECH-K2/IN2/5/181835/NCBR/13 entitled "Development of technology and implementation preparation of the production of high quality raw rapeseed oil" (COIL).

Project no. PBS1/B6/6/2012 entitled “Development of a technology for the production of a complete refrigerated semi-trailer with improved technical parameters for food transport”.

Project no. INNOTECH-K2/IN2/64/182979/NCBR/12 entitled “Tilling and sowing aggregate with mechatronic control system to increase working speed and improve sowing precision”

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