Projects from European funds

Project no. POIR.04.01.04-00-0067/18-00 entitled "Roll baler and baler wrapper-combination for harvesting roughage in round bales with a systems of monitoring and impact on the process of its production”. (PIOBEL)

Project no. Grant Agreement 818182 entitled "Autonomous Greenhouses - smart micro farming and smart large-scale production". (SmartAgriHubs)

Project no. POIR.04.01.04-00-0063/18-00 entitled "The development of an innovative technology increasing the quality of onion cleaning taking into account management of post- production waste". (CLEANERONION)

Project no. 4000121971/17/I-EF entitled "Irrigation Factor 4 potato growth using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data". (IRRSAT)

Project no. POIR.04.01.04-00-0048/15-00 entitled "Types series of active belt pick-up rakes with mechatronic system to control working units and crop registration".

Project no. Grant Agreement 621031 entitled "Increasing the efficiency of farming through on open standards based AgroIT platform". (AgroIT)

Project no. Grant Agreement 312078 entitled "Development and implementation of a new, and non-existent, logistic chain on biomass from pruning”. (EuroPruning) Project's poster [ here ]

Project no. WND-POIG.01.03.01-00-165/09-00 entitled “Technology and new generation of multi-function device for the regenerative shaping of the opened water courses”.

Project no. WND-POIG.01.03.01-00-164/09-11 entitled "An integrated technology for the protection of wetlands against succession of vegetation causing a degradation of the natural environment".

Project no. POIR.01.01.01-00-0730/15-00 entitled “Worldwide innovative tilling and sowing aggregate”.

Project no. POIR.04.01.04-00-0028/19 entitled “Development of environmentally friendly technology of freezing products of animal origin”. (ECOTECH)

Project no. POIR.01.01.01-00-1230/19 entitled „Intelligent robot with the requirements of precision agriculture”. (POLSKI ROBOT)

Project no. POIR.04.01.04-00-0095/19 entitled „Pneumatic sowing machine for single-grain sowing of seeds, especially maize, cotton and sugar beet, with simultaneous, multi-variant application of solid and liquid fertilizers to soil”.

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