Department of Technology and Materials Research


Department of Technology and Materials Research handle the development of innovative material technologies and it’s applications in the agricultural machinery industry. Team which is using laboratory equipment, conducts scientific research in the field of material engineering in several kinds of projects: R&D, European and service activity for business.The activity is supported by close contacts with industry and other scientific institutions.

Our experience is in the subject of:

  • material engineering,
  • surface engineering,
  • tribology,
  • polymeric materials and composites,
  • rapid prototyping (FDM),
  • laser metal deposition (LMD),
  • digital photogrammetry and thermography.

Rapid Prototyping – Stratasys Dimension 1200es - Work examples

Rapid Prototyping – Makerboot - Work examples

3D Scanning - Work examples

Thermography - Work examples

Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) - Work examples


The device LASER 3008 Laser CELL TruDisk 1000, is used to laser metal deposition with the correct properties of metal surfaces. Possible applications: coating with special properties and regeneration of parts and equipment of machines working in the industry. Possibility of creation components, parts with complex shape by welding the structures of a sertain shape to a given surface.

Basic parameters of the device: laser power of 1000W, metal powders granulation +45-120 um, working chamber dimensions: width 800, height 500  depth 400 [mm]. maximum powder capacity 2kg/h.

GOM II Optical Scanner

is used to measure the size of geometric components. The device allows you to perform scans of parts and on the basis of creating a 3D model, measurements of surface shape, spacing of holes, verification of accuracy etc. It is possible to identify differences in the actual dimensions and the dimensions resulting from the construction documentation for example: a study of parallelism, alignment, squareness, flatness etc. Basic parameters of the device: field measurement of 175 x 175 mm to 500 x 500 mm, 0.01 mm accuracy, any orientation of the object in space.

TRITOP system

is used to digitize the static deformation. The system allows measurements of the structure after its formation and determination of the actual differences in the dimensions and the dimensions resulting from the construction documentation and the time of operation, under the influence of the actual load of the structure. We have experience with objects up to 4 m in length.

3D Printer Stratasys Dimension 1200es,

which is used for rapid prototyping method of printing spatial models based on incremental FDM technology. The model is built by layer deposition of thermoplastic plastic. The printer allows you to perform the model directly from the computer 3D documentation (STL file). Creating a physical object model by the incremental method means that there are no restrictions on the shape and complexity. Models are fully reproducible and have a high accuracy performance. Sample applications: packaging prototypes, industrial designs, parts, etc. Basic parameters of the device: cell dimensions 254x254x305 [mm], 0.254 mm thickness, material used is ABS Plus.

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Eagle III

which is used for identification of heavy elements in plastic materials and steels, the study of chemical composition of substances from potassium to uranium, at the level of detection of the apparatus. The device enables precise and non-destructive analysis of chemical composition in solids.

Infrared thermal camera FLIR SC 620C

is used in the study of various processes in which heat is produced. The camera allows recording of thermal radiation emitted by the physical body and allows visualization of temperature distribution on the surface of the examined objects. Possible applications: the study of heat flow, temperature distribution devices, identification of areas of elevated temperature, temperature testing processes, heat flow, overheating, cooling, thermal bridges, thermal insulation, climatic chamber, refrigeration, etc. Basic parameters of the camera: 0.065 C temperature resolution, the detector resolution of 640x480 dpi. temperature range -40 + 500C, the spectral range 7.5 -13 um.

Amsler Trybometr A-135

is used for testing abrasion (wear resistance) by rolling friction, sliding, or combinations of both types of friction. research materials: plastics, steels, cast iron, ceramic sinters. Device basic parameters: Samples tested load range: 0 - 2000 N Type of laod: resting (static) and shock (dynamic) Speed: 200 - 400 rpm Research condition: lubrication, without lubrication, abrasive medium

The universal testing machine HT HUNG-TA-2402

which allows to perform researches on the strength of standard samples of metals, plastics and ceramics. Basic parameters of the device: Strength tests - to 50kN force: compressive, tensile, tearing, bending.

Steel chemical composition analyzer, Solaris CCD Plus

which is used to study the chemical composition of low alloy steels and cast irons, at the level of detection of apparatus.

Completed projects

1. Goal-oriented project FSNT-NOT Title of the Project: „Design and construction of multi-purpose family of trailers adapted for use in agriculture” Firm PLANDEX Sp.j. Projekt manager dr inż. M.Gościański

2. Goal-oriented project FSNT-NOT Title of the Project: „Design and fabrication of innovative grain silo with a capacity of 2000T” Firm FEERUM Sp. Cywilna Projekt manager dr inż. M.Gościański

3. Ordered Research Project PBZ PW-004/ITE/05/2004 Title of the Project: „Recycling system of chemically contaminated plastics for artificial exhausted machines and technical devices” 2005-2006 Research Task Manager dr inż. M.Gościański

4.Structural project UE as part of the action 1.4.1 SPO WKP Title of the Project: „Development of an innovative construction and technology for the production of cast agricultural machine parts” (Consortium IO_PIMT_METCHEM) Contract number: WKP_1/1.4.1/1/2005/12/12/229/2006/U ,2006-2008 Research Task Manager dr inż. M.Gościański

5.Goal-oriented project FSNT-NOT Title of the Project: „Innovative mobile technological line for the preparation of cereal seed” Firm AgrAlex, ROW II/171, 2007 Research Task Manager dr inż. M.Gościański

6. Goal-oriented project  FSNT-NOT   Title of the Project: "Powdery feed mixer with horizontal "oars" mixing system" Firm DOZAMECH ROWII/315, 2008 Research Task Manager dr inż. M.Gościański

7. Goal-oriented project  FSNT-NOT  Title of the Project: " Animal welfare guaranteeing transport set" Firm Auto-Chłodnia-Rogoźno ROWII/309, 2008 Research Task Manager dr inż. M.Gościański

8. Goal-oriented project  FSNT-NOT  Project title" Series of innovative suction and pressure disc-hammer shredders to the grain" Research Task Manager dr inż. M.Gościański

9. NCBiR development project Title of the Project: "Development of technology and design of spring elements to the new generation cultivation aggregates, working with increased working speeds. Project manager dr inż. Marek Gościański

10. TECHMATSTRATEG strategic project Title of the Project: “The development of innovative working elements of forestry sector machinery and biomass processing based on high-energy surface modification technologies of the surface layer of cast elements”.



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