Łukasiewicz Research Network - Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering located in Poznań since 1946, conducts research and development works forming technical advances in machinery and tractors, implements research results to business practice, working with other institutes, universities and industry in the country and abroad, develops and explores sets of equipment to new agricultural technologies, as also improves the quality of already manufactured machines and their components.

The priority directions of the Institute activity include research into reducing energy consumption in machine operation, reducing the impact of machinery and equipment on the devastation of the natural environment and health hazards, satellite technology for precise agriculture, computer structure analysis and development of computer systems for machine design and diagnostics. The Łukasiewicz Research Network - Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering is a member of the European Research Network of Agricultural Machinery - ENTAM and the Club of Polish Testing Laboratories - POLLAB.

The basic product offered by Łukasiewicz - Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering for enterprises within machine industry are innovative machine constructions and specialized research and design services. The Institute conducts continuous cooperation with about 100 machines manufacturers in the country and abroad.

Cooperation with domestic and foreign research and industrial centers in the field of joint research and implementation projects, exchange of publications, organization of conferences, scientific and scientific-technical seminars, scientific internships.

Priority areas and directions of scientific and research works

  • Implementation of scientific research and development works related to modeling and optimization of technological processes occurring in agricultural machines, dynamics and optimization of the structure of the machines, energy consumption, tribology and material engineering taking into account the specificity of agricultural machinery work, ergonomics and safety of service and the impact of the machines on natural environment,
  • Optimizing the design of agricultural machines and devices in the aspect of reducing energy consumption,
  • Reducing the impact of machine construction on the destruction of the natural environment and threats to human health and livestock,
  • Limiting the impact of agricultural machinery and equipment on the losses of agricultural produce and reducing their quality at harvesting, processing and storage,
  • Development of computer aided designing and research techniques for agricultural machinery and for processing of agricultural products,
  • Research on the selection of materials, elements and assemblies improving the quality of agricultural machines,
  • Testing Laboratory, accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation and notified by the European Commission, conducting research on agricultural machinery and equipment, among others in the field of safety of use for the needs of certification and conformity assessment according to the requirements of the European Union.
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